Meet California’s talented Makers, Designers, Artists and Creatives.

Casa Amarosa is dedicated to crafting products inspired by the world, for the world. Products embody a modern bohemian style using woven textures brought out by artisan handlooms in northern India.

They value transparency, ethical production, healthy workspaces and above all empowering communities by supporting woman employees and small enterprises across India. All products are developed keeping in mind this socially conscious business model.

Two sisters, Jackie and Lauren, have combined forces to bring bold colors to life on wood mediums. And we LOVE these eye-catching geometric patterns, bright colors and wood stains! From the pops of neon to the walnut wash and antique chains, these goods are handcrafted to make an impression! Pair 'em up with any 'ol tee and denims for the 'I didn't try, but I look great' look!

We must admit, we wear LavaNamoo's goods nearly every day! This local Maker sources her materials from atop of the beautiful Marin Headlands and combines the perfectly cured wood with a quick dip of acrylic paint and a topcoat of resin. Each wood piece is incredibly unique; some chunky, some thin, some split and comes in a variety of colors. These simple and classic pieces each hang from a gold-coated longer length chain, which is perfect for pairing with a solid color blouse or shirt. Throw on one of these pendents, grab your fedora and sunglasses and get ready to be complimented! Oh, and how could we forget – Namoo means "tree" or "wood" in Korean and Lava...well you know what that means. We agree, balmy meets earth with these creations!

We wanted to find the essential 'tassel' necklace to pair with nearly everything, and we found something even more with Dinosaur Food! Jennifer began her craft after seeking something of the same, but once she received her order she was disappointed in the quality. She decided to take it on herself. She sought out premium materials and puts in the additional time to ensure each bead is perfectly spaced through a variety of knots.

Some of Jennifer's pieces also use the "108 mala" bead, which is a set of beads used as part of a spiritual practice by Hindus and Buddhists. Each bead is used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra. Bracelets or necklaces are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads, with each bead representing a different intention.

Couple this necklace with any other shorter length necklace and you have yourself a sweet, care-free look. Or, go for the wrist wrap and create a stackable bracelet. 'Peace be with you' with these!


This little ball of energy, Laura Kavanaugh, began making stylish headwraps to wear to her yoga practice. And as an instructor, many of her students requested them too. Laura quickly teamed with her sister and best friend, Nydia Cisneros, to create BODHI SWAG and expanded the product line to include "holiday cocoons," a sweater-like wrap. We can't get enough of her cocoons and can feel the warmth and love from them! BODHI SWAG has also branched out with new creations and we were able to snag a few of her sought-after ponchos!

BODHI SWAG designs for the woman with the eternal smile of a girl who skinny dips under the round moon, and in the warmth of the sunlight, becomes more vibrant. She lives in the moment and provokes us to do the same.

Oh my, my. Gloria's incredible design talent and patience caught our eye right away. We were amazed to learn that each blouse takes at least one month to hand-sew and on up to six months for her fully embroidered blouses. And we absolutely LOVE how her use of vibrant colors brings each hand-embroidered blouse to life. She's inspired by her Latin American roots and so are we! Her "huipil" style makes for the perfect boho-chic look. Pair these with some skinnies or ripped BF jeans and you have yourself an authentic getup.



el Hustle's Zenaida Morais combines traditional textiles, fine leather and quality craftsmanship to create timeless clutches. The distinctive patterns celebrate both the American and African culture and are the backbone of her collection. These pieces can be paired with nearly anything to help complete a care-free ensemble. Match the beautiful Italian leather accents with a good pair of boots and you have yourself quite the look!