Two Crow Sunday represents the spirit animal inside all of us.

The voice inside that tells us to go after more, the soul that urges us to believe in the best and the energy that allows us to soar high, high above the clouds.

Two Crow Sunday reminds us all that it's okay to dream big and go after it.





Adrian Anne asked herself atop of the Marin Headlands while inhaling all the Bay Area had to offer.

Just then, two crows landed on the wire fence in front of her. While she was struck by the simplicity yet boldness of this bird, she remembered what they actually represent:

A sign of change. A messenger that reminds you it’s time to step back – reassess where you are and take stock of your own dreams and aspirations. It’s a clear message and guidance to next steps, but most importantly, a reminder to live for now.

And in that moment, she decided that life is simply too short to not make something grand of it. And so it became. That Sunday was key to manifesting her intentions and she sat in peace knowing the future was only her's for the making



Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Adrian Anne craved the warmth of the California sun. After her move to San Francisco, she began to notice something special about the offerings at boutiques, antique fairs, beach houses, craft shows and more. She fell in love with the reclaimed woods, rustic beach décor, unique Maker finds and signature pieces of clothing that complete the perfect wardrobe. She just kept hoping that she would eventually discover a one-stop-shop with everything she loved.

Two Crow Sunday was born.