The Journey

In the winter of 2013, Adrian Anne launched the first edition of Two Crow Sunday, which only hosted her unique curated California finds.

Friends, family and newcomers approached her within days of the site launch and wanted help hosting their goods as well. She immediately put curating unique finds on hold and spent the next year understanding what she now calls the ‘Maker community.’

She discovered that there’s a wealth of independent Makers who work full-time jobs and use their free time to craft and de-stress. Most of these Makers have stacked their creations high alongside their bedroom walls and have no time or patience to find their customer.

She respected these Makers, understood their needs and wanted to help. She started small, only working with local Bay Area Makers and then expanded to include all California Makers. She met several Makers face-to-face to hear their stories, understand their inspiration and review their goods. She became instantly enamored with this community and their humbleness. She wanted to celebrate them and their work; the Maker community was born.

It was apparent that one thing the Maker community is challenged to create is clothing. Because of the timely labor involved, cost of material and thus quantity limitations, it’s difficult to establish a sales margin for Maker-made clothing. While she has found a few clothing Makers, she decided it simply wasn’t enough to pay true tribute to the beautiful California lifestyle.

She has dedicated a portion of Two Crow Sunday to California-designed boho style clothing. She works with several LA clothing brands and designers to bring, yet again, the best curated selection right to you.